How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle in Reston, Virginia

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It’s January, and everyone knows it’s high time to get cracking on all of those New Year’s resolutions we made. With the best of intentions, many of us make the decision to get in shape or eat healthier in the New Year – and luckily – North Point Village Center has all the tools to help you be successful in reaching those goals. From getting a jump-start on your fitness to eating well and taking supplements, check out all the ways you can keep a healthy lifestyle in Reston, Virginia.

Get in Shape with a Healthy Diet and Supplement Assistance

When you’re hitting the weight room at the gym or starting a run to gear up for a marathon, sports supplements can really help. GNC has all your fitness needs like protein powders, drinks to fuel your workouts, and supplements to help boost energy. You’ll be ready to go at the gym with all the accessories you need. You can even purchase exercise equipment like foam rollers and training sleeves to get you started with reaching your fitness goals. Whatever the exercise routine or fitness plan of your choice may be, GNC at North Point Village Center is your one stop shop for all your health needs. Fill in the gaps of your diet with a good multivitamin or specific vitamin based on your needs if you’re trying to eat healthier.

Unwind with a Massage

Getting a massage is a wonderful way to loosen up tight, stiff muscles from sitting at the office all day. This form of therapy relaxes your entire body and mind in ways you never thought possible. A massage keeps you limber by relaxing your muscles and joints so you can feel better throughout the day – even just an occasional massage can really do wonders for your well-being. Massage Envy and Ellada Studio & Spa in North Point Village Center makes it easy for patrons to book an appointment and always delivers an excellent, spa-quality massage. Massage Envy offers customized massage options with total body stretching to ensure total body relaxation. Ellada Studio & Spa on the other hand offers Swedish massages, reflexology and deep tissue massages for visiting customers. Treat yourself to bettering your mind, body, and spirit with a visit to Reston, Virginia’s very own Massage Envy and Ellada Studio & Spa at North Point Village Center.

Get Your Body in Gear with a Fitness Pass

Do you want to get in shape in time for summer? KoKo FitClub in North Point Village Center offers fitness opportunities with certified coaching assistance. They’ll help you learn about the equipment and develop a routine that works for you. The state of the art equipment and expertise of the on staff coaches will get you in shape by maintaining regular exercise. KoKo FitClub also offers guest passes to try the services out for free. Give KoKo FitClub a try when you want individualized fitness plans to hit all of your goals. Burn fat, lose weight, and build muscle to own that New Year’s resolution in no time at all!

Get Healthy at North Point Village Center

North Point Village Center makes it easy to promote a healthy lifestyle. There’s no excuse to not reach that New Year’s resolution with so many great shops and services that cater to your health and wellness needs. North Point Village Center is located at 1452 North Point Village Center in Reston, Virginia, just a stone’s throw from Dulles Airport. Learn more about North Point Village Center and get store hours, directions, programs, a store directory, deals, events, leasing and more by calling 703.991.2023 today!

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