The Best Ways to Pamper Yourself in Reston, Virginia

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pamper yourself in Reston

After a long day of work, your body and mind must be exhausted. Because of this, you deserve to treat yourself however you want, giving you that much needed rest and relaxation to recuperate. Though it may be tempting to just lie down and do nothing, there are better ways to make use of your time off. If you want to raise your spirits up and get rid of the fatigue, treat yourself to some local Reston favorites at North Point Village Center. Here are some of the best ways to pamper yourself so you can feel relaxed, refreshed and look good in the process.

Simple and Affordable

If you are not looking to break the bank while pampering yourself, there are plenty of simple and affordable means that you can consider. Almost everything can be done in the comfort of your own home – so don’t be afraid to be a homebody once in a while. Don’t forget, you deserve the rest and relaxation.

Couch Time

Some couch time is always a great time. Watch television show that you may have had on the backburner for some time. Catching up on shows you missed in bulk after going through some busy days at work can be exhilarating, especially if it’s a good one. If you’re a gamer, there’s no better option than picking up some newly released video games at your local GameStop. With games fit for all interests, you can spend some time off in front of the screen in a beautiful virtual world.

Take a Hike

Sometimes walking around your neighborhood is a great way to distress and take some time off. Whether it’s at the park, small hiking trail or a couple blocks down the road, walking is a great way to stay healthy and put your mind at ease. You can take in nature and pass the time alone or with a group of friends. If you’re in the mood to hike sometime soon but need new sneakers accommodate your travels, visit Reston’s local Payless ShoeSource for perfect pair of shoes.


Treat yourself to your favorite foods and snacks that you can buy or prepare. Try out that mouthwatering meal from Glory Days Grill that you’ve been eyeing down, or indulge in some tasty frozen treats from Sweet Frog.

Learn a Hobby

Too much free time can be counterproductive when finding ways to treat yourself on your time off. Consider learning a new hobby that can challenge you, while teaching some new skills you can use for the future. Take cooking for example! This skill can prove invaluable in the ideal setting – and not to mention, you may impress yourself with your creations. Check out some delicious home cooking recipes from The HoneyBaked Ham Co. to inspire your inner chef.

Outgoing and Extravagant

If you’re looking to really treat yourself to some extravagant relaxation options, don’t hesitate to spend a bit of that hard-earned cash to thank yourself for the big workweek you’ve just put in. We all need a break sometimes and some extra assistance makes relaxation that much better.

A Trip to the Spa

The spa is the best place to pamper yourself while getting cleaned up in the process. If you’re looking to expel all of those toxins and dirt from your body, as well as the stiffness you may be feeling, consider spending time at a local spa near you or getting some massage therapy in Reston. Consider looking up your favorite location’s packages before scheduling an appointment, to see what suits you best.

Hair and Nails

Taking good care of your hair and nails is just one important part of maintaining proper hygiene and your everyday style. Getting a new hairdo or fresh haircut makes you feel like a whole new person. While having a manicure and pedicure can breathe life back into your callused hands and feet from a local nail salon, it is worth the money to make you look and feel good. Take care of yourself at one of Reston’s best hair studios and world-class barbershops.

Relax and Shop in Reston, Virginia

With so many opportunities to take part in for a little relaxation in Reston, consider getting an all-in-one experience at North Point Village Center. Splurging on yourself at the shopping center is a great way to spend time off, learn about what’s around town and find new favorite stores and restaurants to visit. If you’re curious about any deals or promotions that are currently available with North Point Village, feel free to contact us at 703.991.2023 or sign up for our shop insider program. We hope to see you soon!

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